DAO Governance

In this chapter, we will explore the Governance approach and the leadership structure. Taking into account the target of the DAO are not web3 wizards that will easily interact with the smart contracts, the DAO should leverage the easier governance tools existing. Most likely, developing new tools to reduce the gap between the governance and contributors will be required. User experience should be a first-class citizen in Poseidon DAO, allowing effective communication of community efforts, voting proposals and facilitating discussions. At the same time, governance participation should not be expensive for contributors. These requirements force a careful tradeoff between on-chain and off-chain tools.

Snapshot is the most famous and used decentralized governance platform. It allows easy management of votes and proposals, is gassless and supports a number of voting types and strategies. For these reasons, it fits the requirements described above and will be our choice for the governance.

Discussions will mainly take place on Poseidon DAO Discord Server. New proposals will be shared and discussed on Twitter. In particular, a weekly Twitter Space will be held in order to keep the community up to date and drive the discussions.

What we described so far is roughly what DAO ecosystems are composed of today, and we are aware we cannot stop here, as mentioned above. We are actively working and exploring further solutions to integrate the DAO Governance into other tools. The first tools will be the Eidoo app, that will integrate DAO Governance out of the box, allowing easy interaction between token holding and proposals participation. In this way, we will be able to provide easy access to artists through a unique window for all DAO related activities.